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All donations go to help us preserve our historical building and the culture and traditions of our early founders.

The Centro Asturiano building stands as a symbol of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of the Spanish, Cuban, Italian, German, and Romanian immigrants who helped build this great city of Tampa.  Our historic building has a fascinating story to tell about the past, and inspiration to give towards the future.
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Our club has always been based on diversity and unity, working together to achieve great results that no one individual could alone.  We encourage you to become a member and be a part of our history and our future.
Special Events Venue
If you want a grandiose wedding reception fit for a King and Queen, or a small, private gathering, our facility can meet your needs.  The beauty and splendor of this historic building will give you that fairy tale wedding.
Oliva Tobacco Company (813) 248-4921 • P.O. Box 2206 • Tampa, Florida 33601

SPONSOR: Oliva Tobacco Company
(813) 248-4921 • P.O. Box 2206 • Tampa, Florida 33601

The Centro Asturiano wants to THANK YOU for your support of our “Casino Night at the CENTRO” May 31, 2013. This year’s fund raiser will allow the Centro Asturiano to continue with the renewal of its historic place in Tampa. We are in the process of returning the Historic Centro Asturiano as a social and cultural center in Tampa!

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