Celebre su Quinceañera en el Centro Asturiano de Tampa donde hay mas de cien años de historia. Tenemos tres salones para acomodar grandes y pequeñas fiestas. Visite el Grand BallroomSalón Asturias or Covadonga Room en el histórico Centro Asturiano de Tampa. Llame a Cecelia 813.229.2214 para hacer un cita.

For young women, Quinceañera is the time in their life where they are presented to their community as young ladies, no longer girls. Quinceañera is an enormously significant rite of passage; the Quinceañera is also a tremendous honor, one that young girls today look forward to with joy and pride. All their other birthdays before and after may have come and gone without much ceremony, but the fifteenth is an event filled with celebration, family, and friends. What better way to celebrate this event than in our Grand Ballroom, Salón Asturias or Covadonga Room at the historic Centro Asturiano de Tampa.

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