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Las Damas

Las Damas were active from the beginning of the founding of the Centro Asturiano

in 1902 until the late 1940s. At that time the emphasis shifted to the Ladies' Auxiliary for the Centro Asturiano Hospital and Las Damas ceased to function.

In 1986 as the hospital operations were winding down, Eva Ciaccio reinstituted Las Damas to help support the Centro Asturiano Clubhouse and Cemetery. Las Damas’ biggest project was raising the funds to install the elevator in the clubhouse.

Over the years, Las Damas have raised funds by sponsoring fashion shows, teas, luncheons, white elephant sales, cookbook sales, roasts, and monthly bingo games. Some of the projects Las Damas have raised funds for are listed below:

  • Installing fire sprinklers in the clubhouse

  • Restoration of the Covadonga and Salón Asturias

  • Curtains for the Theatre’s stage

  • Ivory curtains in the Ballroom

  • Refurbished the previous Ballroom Floor

  • Purchased portable bar, dishwasher, ice makers, and refrigerators

  • Contributed thousands of dollars towards grants which renovated the bathrooms, library, fire escapes, and ballroom

  • Provided funds towards operating expenses of the Centro

  • For several years Las Damas held Campo de España – a summer camp for young children to learn about Spanish culture and customs

  • In the past, they have also supported the Cemetery by installing the irrigation system, repairing the fence, and recently donating funds toward a kiosk and new flag poles.

Las Damas also lend support to Los Caballeros in their fundraising event – Día de Asturias, and for the celebration of Día de Los Reyes. In June 2011, Las Damas del Centro Asturiano were honored by receiving the Vicente Martinez -Ybor Award – a Legacy award from the Ybor City Museum Society – given to groups or individuals who have worked to uphold the Latin Heritage of Ybor City.

Las Damas del Centro Asturiano Officers 2022-2023

President - Jenilda Gallo

Vice President -  Cynthia Castillo

Treasurer - Judy Blanco

Recording Secretary - Rose Marie Nelville

Corresponding Secretary - Carolyn Fulgueira

Historian - Judy Lombardia

Sergeant-at-Arms - Eilleen Pupello

Parliamentarian - Elizabeth Downing

Chaplain - Maria Fernandez

Las Damas Membership Application

Thanks for submitting! Don't forget to send your check

Make check payable to:

Las Damas del Centro Asturiano

Mail check to:

Judy Blanco 

7909 Golden Glen Place

Tampa, FL 33615

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