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Los Caballeros 

Los Caballeros del Centro Asturiano are an auxiliary of the Centro Asturiano de Tampa. Los Caballeros work to raise funds with events such as Día de Asturias for the preservation, maintenance, and restoration of our historic building. We are dedicated to the preservation, the heritage and the culture that the Centro Asturiano represents. Los Caballeros also host Día de Los Reyes.

Los Caballeros del Centro Asturiano Officers 2020-2021

President - Gilbert Fernández

Vice President - Jośe Suárez

Treasurer - Roland Rodríguez

Historian - Martín Favata

Los Caballeros Membership Application

Make check payable to:

Los Caballeros del Centro Asturiano

Mail check to:

Roland Rodriguez, Treasurer

3010 Lake Ellen Lane
Tampa, FL 33618

Thanks for submitting!

Don't forget to mail your check

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